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30 November 2013 @ 07:47 pm
Junghee was standing outside of the school building, leaning against the wall. The place was slightly hidden from general view, not that she really cared if someone saw her with her lit cigarette between her fingers. She shrugged to herself as she brought the cancer stick to her red lips, sucking on it and then breathing out the smoke with a pleased sigh. She wasn't much of a smoker, but sometimes she enjoyed it to calm herself down... Her night had been rather rough... Her parents' screams and sounds of hits and slaps - it just wouldn't let her sleep.

The girl sighed again, shifting slightly. She was wearing the female uniform, but she didn't allow that to stop her from showing her individual style. She wore a black leather jacket over the simple white blouse, black punk-style boots with blood red shoelaces, black stockings with white skulls printed onto them, some bracelets on her hands and a collar-like black necklace. Her make-up was also rather striking - black-rimmed eyes and pale skin, with red lips. She had longer, dark brown hair that tended to get a bit wavy.

Junghee perked up as she saw her best friend Taeyeon making her way towards the older. She saw the girl give her one of her shy smiles as she quickened her steps.

"U-unnie! How are you?" Taeyeon asked in her quiet voice, wrapping her thin arms around Jung's frame in a quick hug, her cheeks slightly flushed as she stepped back.

A lot of people didn't really understand how a sweet, shy girl like Taeyeon could be friends with someone like Junghee. Their friendship brought many frowns on other students' faces. However, they just didn't know that even if Junghee was dressing the way she was and that she could be a bit rougher and rebellious, she wasn't a bad person. She was actually really nice and caring to people close to her... Like Taeyeon for example. She had a soft spot for the younger girl.

"Ah neh, I'm fine. Just didn't have a good night," Junghee dragged her cigarette to her lips again.

Taeyeon bit down on her lower lip, fumbling with her fingers. She didn't really like to see her unnie smoking... It wasn't good for her health! But the older just wouldn't listen to her...

"Y-your parents again?" She asked, and Junghee only nodded in reply with a gloomy facial expression.

Suddenly the school bell rang and the two girls made their way into the school building.
31 August 2013 @ 12:48 pm
GAH! For those of you who Im roleplaying with! Im so so sorry for taking a bit longer with replies lately... I have been and still am rather busy with University related stuff... I will definitely reply to lushifah in a moment... But the other replies might take a while... Im sad to say this, but maybe I should start to drop some rps soon... Its a bit too much for me, as I currently have like 10 active rps XD But yeah for now I will try to keep up with everything... On lj I also owe twisted_ream and misshoa a reply! I will get to those soon!

Thank you for reading! Please be patient with me!

Emilia <3 
30 July 2013 @ 03:22 pm
So Im back home from my vacation in Poland! It was awesome! Man, I hadnt chilled like that in a while!
I spent some great time with two of my friends and with my Grandma!
And yaaay, now that Im back I can work on my roleplays again! ^.^
I will work on the reply to the rp I have with choi_minju later today!

Oh damn, and I kinda feel like starting a rp with a strange pairing like --> Jonghyun/Luna, Jonghyun/Lee Hyori or Seungri/Jonghyun XD
lol that would be awesome XD hehe

I dont even know why Im posting this here XD lol 
19 July 2013 @ 09:40 pm
Hey there!

So I dont know if anyone will actually read this XD buuuut i wanted to let you know that I am leaving on vacation tomorrow (Saturday, 20th July) and I will be back on the 30th of July!

I wont have any internet connection in the place I will be staying at!

But I will try to catch some free wifi from time to time, so maybe I will manage some replies to my rps!

I will miss everyone on here greatly!

See you, and dont forget meeeee!!!! <3

08 July 2013 @ 08:28 pm
Jonghyun groaned in annoyance as the shrill sound of his alarm clock was continually trying to shake him out off his sleep. The young male finally managed to reach out towards the beeping object and turned it off harshly. He turned around, lying on his back now, opening his eyes, which were still sticky and uncooparative with sleep.

The faint early morning sunshine was creeping into the room through the window, and Jonghyun squinted at the light, his eyes not used to it yet. He had never been a morning person, but through the years he had learnt to get used to getting up at ungodly hours.

Reluctantly, Jonghuyn sat up and planted his feet on the scratchy grey carpet, wincing slightly at the unpleasant sensation. He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out some clothes he wanted to wear today. He decided on a simple black t-shirt with a random English phrase printed at the front of it, and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

Then he made his way to the bathroom, and took a quick shower. Afterwards, brushing his dark brown hair and styling it slightly into an organized mess. With a sigh and a last look into the mirror, he decided that he was ready.

Now it was time to wake his little sister, Sodam. She was the reason why he needed to wake much earlier than other kids his age – he had to wake up his sister, get her ready for the day, make breakfast for her and then walk the little girl to her school.

People would probably ask, why couldn’t his parents do all this for him? However, Jonghyun’s parents couldn’t even really take care of themselves. Apparently drinking and taking drugs was more important to them than taking care of their children. So, not only did Jonghyun have the responsibility to take care of Sodam, but he also had to earn most of the money, so that their four-person family had something to eat and a roof over their heads. It wasn’t easy, but Jong tried to pull through as best as he could.


Jonghyun walked into the relatively small room his sister Sodam was sleeping in. He chuckled softly as he saw the child lying all spread out on her bed, the blankets thrown to the floor and the pillow not even under her head anymore. Well, Sodam was quite the messy sleeper. He leant over her and gently shook her shoulder.

“Princess Sodam, it’s time to wake up,” he called, trying to rouse her from her pleasant sleep.

She only puffed out her cheeks, shaking her head and turned around so that her back was now facing him.

“Oh, I see... I think this is calling for different way of waking you up... Maybe the tickle monster will be of some help here,” he smiled, letting out a mock evil laugh and lowering his wiggling fingers towards her small body.

However, before he could touch her, the little girl was already up, sitting on her bed, still looking quite dazed from sleep, with her hair in a mess and her face slightly blotchy.

“I’m up, I’m up, Jongie-oppa! No, tickle monster, pleeeease,” she whined cutely.

“Okay, but now you have to get up and start getting ready for school, alright? Oppa will be in the kitchen making breakfast,” he said, ruffling her long black hair, and making his way out off the room.  
06 June 2013 @ 02:38 pm
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02 May 2013 @ 11:59 pm
It was one of those calm and relaxed Sunday mornings. The sky was a light blue with several white, puffy clouds strewn over it in an artistic chaos. This early the sun was shining faintly. There was a soft, pleasant wind ruffling through the green leaves attached to the trees. The air smelled of summer, heat and sunshine and blossoms.

In front of an apartment complex, on a low brick wall, a boy was sitting crosslegged, leisurely strumming his acoustic guitar, which was comfortably resting in his lap. He had hair that was dyed three different shades of blond, styled in an unruly mess. His face bearing a certain resemblance to a mix between a puppy and a dinosaur - with his big, round eyes and pouty, full lips. He was wearing a rather casual ensemble, comsisting of jeans shorts that reached to a bit before his knees, a wide, light blue t-shirt and black chucks.

Jonghyun, because that was the boy's name, liked to spend his time just sitting outside and working on his music. He was generally a free spirit, with great espirations buried in his young heart. However during the week he didn't have much time to just relax. Working two different jobs and going to school took up most of his time.

Soon he was struck with an idea, a bright smile appeared on his lips and he reached for the still blank paper lying next to him on the brick wall. He wrote down the first few lines to his new song - reading through it a few times and changing it up a bit.

Suddenly his head snapped up from the sheet of lyrics when a moving van  parked in front of the apartment complex. It had been a long time since anyone new moved it, he couldn't help but to feel excitment built up in his body.