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30 November 2013 @ 07:47 pm
girl!Jongkey rp  
Junghee was standing outside of the school building, leaning against the wall. The place was slightly hidden from general view, not that she really cared if someone saw her with her lit cigarette between her fingers. She shrugged to herself as she brought the cancer stick to her red lips, sucking on it and then breathing out the smoke with a pleased sigh. She wasn't much of a smoker, but sometimes she enjoyed it to calm herself down... Her night had been rather rough... Her parents' screams and sounds of hits and slaps - it just wouldn't let her sleep.

The girl sighed again, shifting slightly. She was wearing the female uniform, but she didn't allow that to stop her from showing her individual style. She wore a black leather jacket over the simple white blouse, black punk-style boots with blood red shoelaces, black stockings with white skulls printed onto them, some bracelets on her hands and a collar-like black necklace. Her make-up was also rather striking - black-rimmed eyes and pale skin, with red lips. She had longer, dark brown hair that tended to get a bit wavy.

Junghee perked up as she saw her best friend Taeyeon making her way towards the older. She saw the girl give her one of her shy smiles as she quickened her steps.

"U-unnie! How are you?" Taeyeon asked in her quiet voice, wrapping her thin arms around Jung's frame in a quick hug, her cheeks slightly flushed as she stepped back.

A lot of people didn't really understand how a sweet, shy girl like Taeyeon could be friends with someone like Junghee. Their friendship brought many frowns on other students' faces. However, they just didn't know that even if Junghee was dressing the way she was and that she could be a bit rougher and rebellious, she wasn't a bad person. She was actually really nice and caring to people close to her... Like Taeyeon for example. She had a soft spot for the younger girl.

"Ah neh, I'm fine. Just didn't have a good night," Junghee dragged her cigarette to her lips again.

Taeyeon bit down on her lower lip, fumbling with her fingers. She didn't really like to see her unnie smoking... It wasn't good for her health! But the older just wouldn't listen to her...

"Y-your parents again?" She asked, and Junghee only nodded in reply with a gloomy facial expression.

Suddenly the school bell rang and the two girls made their way into the school building.
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 1st, 2013 01:54 am (UTC)
Gwiboon's side
On the other side of school, a rather unmistakeable venue, Gwiboon visits the student council room. The young girl, often rendered as the school's "princess", was off to see her best friend.

"Eunsook-unnie~!" The princess went. "I heard you're finally moving up you're ranking!" She smiled brightly, flashing her pearly whites at the other.

"Exactly, which is why YOU," she emphasized "have to be ready."

The young brunette girl tilts her head a bit. "I-I have to be ready? For what purpose, unnie?"

"You're my vice president from now on, Gwiboon."

That day was a perfect example why Gwiboon had a "perfect" life.

Gwiboon was the only child of the school's top appraiser - someone close to the principal - which is why she is widely known around the school's campus. Not only is she popular beyond belief but she is also smart. Private tutors around the world were amazed by her quick adaptability, from maths to advanced English, she was great at it. Students have also commented on her lifestyle as a rich child, having absolutely no evil blood in her, she was quite humble. She never wore any outrageous things during school days other than her (unnoticeable-ly) expensive school shoes. Neat as the pretty young brunette in pigtails was, she was also messy in ways. Having done sports like water skiing and dancing, her curves were envied by several girls. Other than that, she's a fragile doll. Seldom sensitive, pale skin, paired with her low stamina, Gwiboon's health was to be monitored.

Perhaps it was only Eunsook who has seen her break down from all expectations, moments wherein the younger would have hypertension when she was too pressured. She was just a sheltered porcelain doll who everyone liked to look at.

In addition to her never-ending achievements, she has started joining the choir at school, making her skills wider and more complex than others. And now, she becomes the student council's vice president. What joy, what good luck. It wasn't.


"Don't worry, Gwiboon, I'll help you. The other people from our board said you'd be the best choice since everyone practically follows your wishes." The president argued.

"I sure hope they will..."

This was proof that her life wasn't really perfect.

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miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 1st, 2013 03:08 pm (UTC)
Junghee tried to ignore all the judgemental looks that were thrown her way. It was always the same and even when it seemed that she didn't care, in truth it was making her feel quite down about herself. She wasn't some robot without feelings... All the negative vibes she got from people around her, it wasn't anything pleasant.

With a sigh she walked over to her locker, keeping her head held high. She wouldn't show any weakness. She wouldn't give the students that kind of satisfaction. Once she arrived at the locker, she opened it and with a roll of her eyes she noticed how all her belongings had been drowned in mud. Hitting her fist against the door of the locker next to hers, she let a frustrated groan escape her lips. It wasn't like this hadn't happened before already... People just didn't like her at all.

"U-unnie," she heard Taeyeon's shocked voice from behind of her.

Junghee turned around, giving the girl a weak smile and ruffling through her shorter black hair. "Don't worry, Tae... I'll just have to clean all those stuff. It's just such a drag," she ran a resigned hand through her hair, feeling anger boil in her as she heard some girls laughing loudly as they walked by.

"Yah! Shut up," she yelled after them, and they scurried away, though still giggling faintly.

"I... I will help you, unnie," Taeyeon said in her shy voice, it seemed to be trembling a little as if she was close to tears.

Junghee poked the girls cheek. "Nah, you go to class, I will
manage by myself. I don't want people to think that I'm turning you into a slacker," she chuckled dryly, already pulling out the dirtied books with a slightly disgusted look on her face.

"O-okay... I will t-tell the teachers where you are," the younger nodded her head, unshed tears still shining in her eyes, as she sniffed quietly.

"Thanks, Taeyeon-ah," she smiled and then walked towards the bathroom to try and clean her stuff somehow.
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 1st, 2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
"This was great, just great." Gwiboon grunted, scurrying faster through the hallway. "I'm late for class of all things and my skirt is dirty."

Gwiboon wasn't too meticulous about her appearance but a stain on her skirt could have eyes on her the whole day. She blames the pesky students who were walking around with muddy buckets - stupid kids just giggling.

She swore to herself that, as the new VP, she'd make sure everyone was doing their best to be proper, not only her. Everyone needed to be their own role model, clean and modest, smart and elegant. It was a girls' school after all, rivalry and expectations in most aspects.

She trudged her way into a few more empty hallways before reaching a washroom.

She took out her handkerchief, soaked it a bit and dabbed it onto her muddy skirt. Rubbing the mud off of her skirt, Gwiboon notices another figure beside her who seemed to be having some troubles of her own.

"Mud troubles?" she asks the other.
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 1st, 2013 04:38 pm (UTC)
Junghee stomped through the hallway, an annoyed frown marring her features. Soon she entered the bathroom and made her way to one of the sinks. She put her books down and just stared at them for a moment. Her hands were already dirtied with the mud and her clothes as well. Those cowards... They wouldn't even show their faces, just playing these childish pranks on her.

She huffed, before taking some paper towels and wettening them. She started cleaning the muddy book covers. Ugh, she would never manage cleaning all of this! Her head sank against her chest, as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Suddenly the bathroom door was opened and it startled Junghee out off her little angsty musings. When she gazed up, her eyes widened slightly as she saw 'princess' Gwiboon entering the room. What was the perfect student doing here, when the classes had already started? Junghee had never heard of the girl ever being late.

The older watched as Gwiboon walked to a sink next to the one that she was using. She narrowed her eyes as she noticed how the girl's skirt was dirty with mud. How could that be? Did Gwiboon have anything to do with the prank on Junghee's locker?

She blinked as she heard the other start talking to her... Well, it couldn't be really called talking. Junghee rolled her eyes and focused her gaze back on her books.

"Yeah... I see you're having similiar issues," she said with a suspiscious edge in her voice.

She groaned quietly as she noticed how most of the pages in her books were also filled with mud.

"Ugh, I will never get this stuff clean again," she muttered, mostly to herself. She hated, hated, hated this school!
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 1st, 2013 08:58 pm (UTC)
The young princess was never good with names or people if you thought about it. Being widely popular would not mean you'd know everyone, but everyone knows you. This was one of the instances wherein she could recall hearing about some girl who wore boots to school, some girl who everyone thought was an outcast for being so introvert, some girl who smokes while committing truancy. She's heard most of those tales but were they true?

She looked, again, at the other girl to notice she had replied to her.

Groaning, the other girl leered at here muddy things as she complained.

Gwiboon now saw clearly what those muddy objects were. Most were school materials, books and a pencil case, some were black spiral notebooks with papers hanging out on the side, and a few music notes here and there.

"I-I would ask how that happened but... You seem to be in a pretty bad mood..." She tried to retaliated some words but the other girl was just too intimidating.

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miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 2nd, 2013 10:37 am (UTC)
Should she even try to clean all this stuff? It was no use... She couldn't very well clean all the papers with water and most of the mud was already dried. Damn, and Junghee really couldn't afford to buy new things. Her family was on the poor side. Only her dad had a job and still the money he earned was spend to satiate her parents' selfish need of drinking alcohol excessively.

Her head snapped up from the books as she heard Gwiboon's slightly shaky voice talking to her. Once she gazed at the girl, she could see the fear in her eyes... Junghee chuckled quietly, shaking her head.

"Yeah, I'm certainly not in the best of moods... But really, you don't need to be scared of me. I'm not as bad as the others make me. No worries, I won't suck your blood," she smiled, before turning back to her ruined stuff with a sigh," Some students seemed to think it would be fucking funny to drown all the things in my locker with mud," she explained to the other girl, her face falling even more as she saw her favourite notebook, which was filled with song lyrics and music sheets, also ruined...
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 2nd, 2013 11:19 am (UTC)
"S-so it was them!" Gwiboon remembers those girls who stained her prim and proper uniform. Thanking God for her good memory, she remembers their faces well enough to report them to Eunsook later on. "If you help me get proof of their misbehavior, we can give them sanctions."

The other girl all but stood their in her quiet phase. The young princess was more or less returning to her embarrassed state and clammed up.

Gathering a bit more strength, Gwiboon spoke once again; "A-and I... I don't think you're gonna suck my blood... You seem too nice to even bite me." She tried to say anything - anything - to be relieved of this suffocating atmosphere around them in this secluded washroom.

She wasn't the type to believe in rumors of a girl who wore boots to school, the girl who looks like a vampire or something, until she had met her. In contrast to her princess-know-at-all demeanor, Gwiboon was still as docile as Eunsook first met her. She sees now, that this girl with muddy school materials was just like her; Misunderstood.

Edited at 2013-12-02 11:31 am (UTC)
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 2nd, 2013 01:09 pm (UTC)
Junghee looked up from her things, a soft smile on her lips as she listened to Gwiboon. That girl was so cute when she was trying to be all authoritative... With her cheeks slightly flushed and her eyes narrowed in determination. But the older girl shook her head, she didn't need any help and she definitely didn't want those other students to be reported...

"Ani, it's okay. You don't need to do that. They do it all the time, I'm sure reporting them wouldn't make them stop," she sighed," But... Thanks for trying to help, you know," Junghee really was rather shocked, she wouldn't have expected anyone to step up for her like that. Mostly people just didn't care or they openly hated her and didn't hesitate to show their dislike.

She blinked slightly, surprised as she heard Gwiboon's next words. The girl was just so different from how she had imagined her to be. She didn't seem like the spoilt, bitchy princess that people rumoured her to be.

"Thanks, I guess," she smiled," But really, sometimes it's kind of to my advantage that people seem to be intimidated by me... I don't really care for having a whole bunch of friends... Just a few close ones are enough," Junghee cleared her throat awkwardly, slightly embarrassed for how much she was talking to the 'princess'.

"But... uhm... yeah, shouldn't you be in class, Gwiboon-ssi?" she asked, with a teasing smile.
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 2nd, 2013 02:03 pm (UTC)
The younger didn't seem to be so disappointed by the other's decision, but now was a bit different because usually people would be ecstatic when she'd help them. But she couldn't really blame or change her decision now.

When the other girl asked if she should be going to class, she felt a bit more embarrassed when she noticed that her attendance was ruined by a dirty skirt.

"I... I would be but those stupid girls stained my skirt." She grunted that was matched with a rather lazy eye roll. "It's sad that I don't have my extra clothes for today... Do you know what would happen if I was seen with a dirty skirt? I'm surprised you aren't already commenting on my messy outfit." she gestured towards her almost-above-the-knee-skirt and flapped its ends - badly mimicking a hand model trying to advertise that certain mud stain.

"Aigoo... What am going to do now..." She slumped against the tiled wall of the washroom. She was probably too worn out today. The shocking news of becoming the new vice president, a stain on her skirt, and now late for class was way too much for her right now. Why can't she just get a break.
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 2nd, 2013 03:37 pm (UTC)
Junghee hadn't really paid attention to that little stain on the girl's skirt. She understood how that could be of trouble to Gwiboon, even if the older wouldn't have cared about something like that. But it would be different for the so-called princess of the school. She had to uphold her perfect image and a dirtied skirt would probably put a dent on that.

So the girls that put all that mud into Junghee's locker had also dirtied Gwiboon's skirt by mistake. She bit down on her lower lip, worrying it slightly... The girl looked really devastated and somehow it made the elder feel sad to see the princess in such a state.

"Well, honestly I haven't noticed it before... But if it's bothering you so much... Uhm... I think there must be a spare skirt somewhere in the back of my locker. I put it in a bag, so it probably didn't get dirty from the mud. If you want, I guess I could borrow it to you? It wouldn't be the perfect fit, but still," she offered unsurely, rubbing the back of her neck with her hand.

Junghee was surprised at how openly she was talking with the other girl. Usually she was more reserved in front of strangers.
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 2nd, 2013 03:56 pm (UTC)
Gwiboon's bright eyes looked up at the other girl, "I-I can?!" She asks with eyes widening and a grin practically plastered on her face. "I-- Oh my gosh, I'm really grateful for this--" before Gwiboon could celebrate any further, she held her breath and paused.

She doesn't even know this girl, let alone know her name. Quite embarrassingly and awkwardly, she approached the other girl and placed her between between them. "I-I'm very very happy you're helping me out with this even if we barely know each other..." she shyly bows her head.

"I'm Kim Gwiboon a-and... Can I ask for my new friend's name?" she looked up at the other girl's face with hopeful yet shy eyes. Their faces were only 12 inches apart and Gwiboon felt more embarrassed because she stood too near the other girl.

Edited at 2013-12-02 04:35 pm (UTC)
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 2nd, 2013 10:40 pm (UTC)
Junghee grinned in response to the other girl's show of happiness. Was her offer really so special to cause such gratefullness? Though she had to admit that somehow seeing the girl so happy due to the older made her heart pound against her chest in a weird show of excitement. She gulped, looking at the floor for a moment, feeling her cheeks get slightly flushed.

Her eyes widened and her head snapped up again when Gwiboon suddenly stepped closer to her, a lot closer... She blinked, giving a soft smile. "Ani, it's okay... I don't ever use the other skirt so you can borrow it," she nodded her head.

Honestly, Gwiboon was standing awfully close to her... Junghee couldn't help but to let her gaze wander over the other girl's flawless face. Damn, she was really pretty. It's not like she hadn't noticed that before, but seeing her like this... She was definitely the prettiest girl in the whole school in Junghee's opinion. And her sweet scent, like strawberries and vanilla... Oh god, what was she even thinking? She shook her head mentaly, trying to will those thoughts away, though it was difficult when she got lost in Gwiboon's bright feline-shaped eyes again.

"N-new friend?" She asked, a bit surprised at that term being used but the other girl, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise," I'm Kim Junghee... And it would be nice to be friends," she grinned, all these positive feelings coursing through her body, were rather unusual for her...
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 3rd, 2013 11:18 am (UTC)
Gwiboon smiled and shook the hand of the now-proclaimed friend before her. Kim Junghee she thought, taking in the new name of the girl in front of her. She wasn't much for other people's looks but there was something behind all that make-up and rugged look. She noticed nice puppy-like eyes and a red lopsided grin across her face, nice cheek bones like hers, and a big nose with mismatched nostrils (not that she cared).

"It's really nice to have met you, Junghee-ssi. I think we'll get along great if we spend more time together but for now," she coughs a bit, "I really need that skirt... I'll wait for you here while you go grab your extra skirt. If anyone asks why you're not in class yet, just say the Vice president gave you errands to do."

A few agreements later, Junghee leaves the washroom and Gwiboon waits silently in that quiet room. She was happy to have met a new friend who doesn't complain about her needs for once, someone who would actually help her out instead of expecting the princess herself to perform a miracle. Junghee was different, the good kind. She really has to research about that girl.

When Gwiboon hears the sounds of boots clopping towards the bathroom door, (which by the way she has to remember to tell Junghee that boots are not of school uniform,) she perks up and welcomes Junghee with a too-giddy hug. "Oh my gosh thank you!" she chirped as she takes the newer skirt.

She hastily locks the bathroom door, not minding that Junghee was still there, and proceeded to remove her own skirt to change into the other one. They were both girls anyway, the other wouldn't mind, right? Or was it Gwiboon's openness that made her easily attached to new friends like Junghee (and that is very rare, mind you).

"It's perfect!" she mused at herself, swaying her hips. "I'll wash and return them next week okay? Thanks a lot!" she hugs Junghee once more before helping her fix her things. They didn't really know how to save Junghee's muddy school materials but she promised her new ones - she wouldn't take no for an answer anyway - in compensation for saving her that day.

"Let's get to class now, Junghee-ssi." she smiled warmly once more. This feeling was indeed a start of a change in her life.
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 3rd, 2013 01:55 pm (UTC)
Junhgee nodded her head before walking out off the bathroom with a soft smile permanently resting on her lips now. Thank god she had been correct about her assumptions and the skirt had really been safely put into a bag, which meant that it had been very well protected from the mud. She pulled out the skirt, her smile now forming into a grin of success, as she made her way back to the washroom.

As she entered the room again, she gasped quietly in surprise as she was suddenly being hugged by Gwiboon. Her eyes widened as she hesitantly put her arms lightly around the girl's thin waist. The only person, who ever hugged her was Taeyeon, but her hugs never made her heart do weird jumps and flips in her chest. The girl's body warmth made her shiver and she felt icily cold as they parted from the embrace.

She grinned shakily," It's okay... I'm glad that I could help," she said, her breath catching slightly in her throat as Gwiboon started to take off her skirt to change into the other one. Oh god, the younger's legs and hips were certainly beautifully shaped. Ashamed of ogling her body in such an indecent way, Junghee moved her gaze away quickly, but not before noticing the cute, pink underwear that the girl was wearing.

Oh god, another hug? Well it wasn't like Junghee was complaining. This time she wrapped her arms around Gwiboon's middle much more readily... She smiled softly, a bit shyly which was so much unlike her. But she couldn't help herself, the younger was just too cute for her own good.

"Keep it as long as you want to, Gwiboon-ssi. I don't really need that extra skirt," she said, before they started to work on getting Junghee's stuff cleaned as good as they could.

Junghee couldn't believe that she was being helped by the school's princess... She had imagined her to be a completely different person. But she was friendly and cute and helpful...

When Gwiboon offered that she could get her new school material, Junghee protested a lot. She didn't want the girl to spend money on her things. But the younger insisted and finally she couldn't do anything else but to give in.

Junghee didn't really feel like going to class, but her new friend was right, there was no use for them to stay here anymore. She sighed, giving the girl a soft smile.

"Neh, I guess... I think we have different classes... So, I'll see you later somewhere. It was... it was really nice to meet you, Gwiboon-ssi," she said, dreading the fact that they would have to part now. It would be probably fairly difficult to talk to the other girl, because she was always surrounded by so many people. She gave a slight bow, before walking off to put her stuff back into the locker and then she made her way to her next class.
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 3rd, 2013 02:23 pm (UTC)
With a fresh skirt, Gwiboon trotted to her English class without any allegation. Nothing but a teacher telling her to take her seat while she opens her book.

Eunsook was the Student council president, as everyone elected, and now Gwiboon has made her place in the council without any of her consent. The elder girl tried to appeal before words were made final but the other members apparently agreed that students would practically listen if Gwiboon said it, they would most likely obey her whims on a daily basis like this.

Nothing Eunsook could stop, she worried about the poor girl's health and her anxiety. Too much pressure could give her a panic attack.

"Unnie!" a voice hollered, it was Gwiboon this time who entered the council room, thankfully the other members were eating lunch already.

"Gwiboon-ah, how are you? People said you were late during first period... Did you have an attack or...?"

"So word spread quickly huh? Don't worry unnie, I didn't. My skirt just got dirty so I got a friend to lend me hers." she smiled brightly like a child during Christmas.

"Friend? You have a new friend?" Eunsook didn't mean any offense, it's just that Gwiboon never calls people "friends" unless they're Eunsook or really nice and important to her. Usually she calls other people with "someone"s or "some girl" or anything alike.

"Yes, Unnie! I finally met a new friend! Could you believe that?!" she squealed a bit.

"I'm trying to," she smiles back a the younger. "But who could have made you call them your friend? Do I know her? Are you sure she called you a friend as well?"

"Of course she did! She shook my hand and junk! She lent me her skirt and I'm gonna buy her new school materials because some idiots spoiled her stuff!" she rambles offhandedly, Gwiboon throws away her proper speech whenever she's with "friends" anyway.

Eunsook was glad that Gwiboon finally has another friend, someone who wouldn't judge her everyday, every minute she even breathes. Someone she could rely on while Eunsook was getting busier these days. "Who is she anyway?"

"She's Kim Junghee!" the young princess chimed with her white teeth appearing brightly.
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 4th, 2013 11:05 pm (UTC)
With a resigned sigh, Junghee put some of the destroyed school material into her bag. It still could be used, not all of it was full with mud. And she hoped that this way she wouldn't be reprimanded about coming late. Well, she was certainly mistaken... She should have expected the teacher to not believe her when she explained that she had been running errands for Kim Gwiboon and even though she told the teacher that the dirtiness of her books wasn't of her doing - Junghee was still punished with detention. The girl could feel herself boiling with anger, and with one last glare at he teacher, she exited the classroom. She ignored the teacher's calls for her and the students murmuring and gasps...

This was unbelievable! No matter what she did she was always the one getting the worse ending. Junghee kicked one of the lockers to elevate her anger, grateful for her heavy boots that protected her toes from getting hurt. She then proceeded to throw away all her books and the other school materials... She didn't need them, now that they were trash anyway. She only left one notebook that was very dear to her...

Walking through the halls, she finally decided to sit down on the floor, cross-legged with her back resting against the wall. She sighed deeply, feeling the anger and frustration go away slightly... Gwiboon's pretty face appeared in front of her mental eye and Junghee could feel her cheeks get a bit heated. She gazed down at her hands, which were fisting the material of her skirt. The grip loosening slightly, as she sighed, leaning her head back. Junghee had known that she was lesbian for quite some time now and damn, that Gwiboon made her heart beat like crazy!

This wasn't good at all! She didn't have any chances when it came to a girl like Gwiboon... They were from two different leagues. Though it had seemed as if the girl had enjoyed her company. Maybe it wasn't such a lost case afterall.


After the classes had finished, Junghee found Taeyeon standing by her locker.

"Unnie," the younger girl exclaimed, enthusiastically," How was your school day?"

The older sighed," I have detention," she admitted, rolling her eyes.

Taeyeon's eyes widened in shock, and then she let a huff escape her lips," But why? Is it because of your dirty school stuff?"

Junghee nodded her head," Yeah... And because I was late to class. I... I met Kim Gwiboon while I was trying to clean my books. We talked and she kind of helped," she looked down at the floor, fumbling with her fingers.

"Oh my! You talked to Gwiboon-unnie?" Taeyeon asked, curiously.

Shrugging her shoulders, Junghee nodded her head, "Yeah, she seems nice," she said, trying to be nonchalant.

When Taeyeon told her that Gwiboon was the best friend of her sister Eunsook, it came as quite a surprise. Because damn, how hadn't they met at the Lee household before?
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 5th, 2013 11:26 am (UTC)
"Junghee?" Eunsook remembers that she was the well-known figure in school that had rebel written all over her. She also knows that the girl was her younger sister's best friend, seeing her often at home during Fridays. That's why she doesn't let Gwiboon come over on those days, she might reveal her stressful ways when they return from school. She knew Junghee, from choir classes (she takes them often, Gwiboon joining recently), but she also knew her as a renowned person at detention - whenever she'd proctor.

"Yeah! She's the girl people like to make rumors of- I think one of them was that she was a vampire! I can't believe how stupid people are! She doesn't even have fangs or anything." she pointed at her teeth, showing her canines. "She really isn't as bad as people say, unnie! She even lent me this skirt~"

"Whoa, chill down, Boon, you'll get hypertension if you get too excited. Why are you this excited anyway?" Eunsook pulled out a chair for Gwiboon to sit on, giving her some bottled green tea.

"I... I guess it's been a while since I actually got a friend to 'help' me. You know, like you." Eunsook was never the one lost for words but knowing that Gwiboon was deprived from any friends that wouldn't fawn, backstab, or look up to her, made her feel a bit sentimental. "She didn't judge me, she helped me, unnie. She didn't laugh at me or tell me that I should be going to class but she asked me why first. Unnie, why can't more people understand that I'm not always a model. I'm a doll..."

Eunsook craddled her fondly, hearing Gwiboon's silent sobs. They were relieving sobs, the kind that meant she had a chance. "I'm happy you have a new friend, Boon." she rubbed her back.

"I can't wait for you guys to meet!" she looked up from Eunsook's chest, smiling warmly.

"Actually, I've already met her a few times. She's Taeyeons's best friend."

"Taeyeonnie?" Gwiboon and Taeyeon take dance classes together, ever since they were kids, ever since she and Eunsook became friends. "How on earth don't I ever see her around?"

"Junghee and Taeyeon don't always met up at crowded places, like where we go, they'd rather stay at our house during Fridays." Eunsook clarified.

"It's so weird though, you never let me stay over during Fridays..."

"That's because you're too tired to meet new people on those days, right? B-Besides, she uses the guest bedroom, so you don't really have a place to sleep." she tries to mask her main purpose a bit.

"Oooh... I guess... But can I come over this Friday? I wanna get to know her more~" Gwiboon hummed, obviously still engrossed with her new friendship.

Eunsook looked at her with unsure eyes. Was Gwiboon this hopeful that her friendship with Junghee will go well? She got way too attached, too easily. "Sure, why not." but that wasn't going to stop her from letting Gwiboon live a normal life.

"Vice President Kim Gwiboon," a teacher calls. "I'd like to formally welcome you onto the board and that you are welcome to give your insight within school regulations." she and a few more council members, including Eunsook, gathered around the Student Council Room.

"Thank you, seonsaeng-nim." She bows her head respectfully. "I will do my best in order to uphold our school and make sure everyone is observing proper decorum."

"I'm very glad our Princess has finally joined the council. We expect great things from you, Gwiboon. Much things." she spoke, making Gwiboon's back warm.

Eunsook saw it, the stressed face that eats Gwiboon up everyday. She sees her face mask, a painful thing to wear. "I will do my best."


The moment she was told to proctor the detention room for today made her uncomfortable. She had a ton of school work but she has to stay behind and observe a bunch of troublemaking girls after school.

She enters the clammoring room, swiftly and sternly, and the room falls silent. "Back to your seats, please." she ordered silently. She scans the room until her eyes meet a pair of puppy-like ones.

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miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 6th, 2013 02:32 pm (UTC)
Taeyeon was rather surprised at her friend's enthusiasm about meeting and talking to Gwiboon. You couldn't really tell by the way she was talking, but Tae knew her friend very well, so she could interpret her behaviour. And if she wasn't mistaken, she saw a faint blush appear on Junghee's cheeks as she explained all about what happened in the bathroom. The younger tried not to grin knowingly, instead biting on her lower lip as she listened.

"Neh, Gwiboon-unnie is really nice," she nodded her head eagerly," And she is very pretty, too," she chuckled, lifting her hand to her lips, shyly.

Junghee's eyes widened, and she stuttered out a 'yah'. Taeyeon was one of the people that knew about the older's sexual orientation. It's not like she was hiding the fact that she was a lesbian, but she didn't announce it to everyone she knew either.

"It's not like that, Tae," she sighed, running a hand through her brown hair, nervously, because yes, it was very much like that," Any way, I have to go to my detention," she gazed at her friend with a soft smile.

"Oh right! Well, I'll see you tomorrow then, unnie! Take care of yourself," the girl gave her a tight hug, before making her way out off the school building.


Once in detention, Junghee sat down in a chair that was near the window. It made her feel at least a bit like she was free. She sighed as she leaned her chin on her hand, dreamily looking outside. She could feel the other girls looking at her, she knew some of them, but they weren't really friends. They mostly just met each other during detention and Junghee didn't feel much like talking to them right now.

Her head snapped up as she heard the door opening and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw who was entering the room. She blinked as her gaze was fixed on the form of none other than Kim Gwiboon.

Junghee smiled softly as their eyes met, lifting her hand in a weak wave. She heard some of the other girls groaning, and whispering something to each other. Not a lot of the people currently in this room had a liking for the school's princess. They didn't enjoy her supposed 'perfectness', most of them thinking that she saw herself as someone better than them. Junghee narrowed her eyes as she heard the girls next to her talk rather badly about Gwiboon. All they could do was judge, without even knowing how the girl was for real.

"Oh, I see, the 'princess' has lowered herself down to spend some time with us misbehaving commoners," one of the girls said outloud, the others snickering along.

Junghee frowned, looking down at the tabletop.

"Shut up," she finally managed to get passed her lips, her eyes glaring at the other girls.

"What did you say, vampire girl?" One of the girls sneered.

Junghee stood up from her seat, slapping her hands against the tabletop," I said shut up!"

"Whatever," the girl said, shrugging her shoulders and looking away.

Breathing heavily, her heart beating hard against her chest, she sat down again, feeling a bit embarrassed about her outburst. She just couldn't hear other people talking badly about Gwiboon...
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 7th, 2013 04:21 am (UTC)
When their eyes met, Gwiboon felt like it was a sign, like she and Junghee were meant to be friends. The heavens wouldn't let her see the same person she just met twice without a reason. When Junghee waved her hand back at her, she felt like her troubles for the day were gone. With an all too giddy expression, she smiles back.

It was her first time being a proctor for detention, especially one with more than 20 students in the room. All these troublemakers, all these enemies, all these glares in one room. Except one stare wasn't represented by thrown daggers, they were warm puppy eyes and all Gwiboon could do was state at her when she felt scared.

"Oh, I see, the 'princess' has lowered herself down to spend some time with us misbehaving commoners." she suddenly hears one of the girls at the back, snickering then followed her comment.

She never called them commoners! It wasn't like she wanted to be the damn Princess ! Gwiboon tried to keep her growl tamed and kept her composure, face unchanging with a simple restricted smile.

"Shut up," her eyes desperately searched for the source of the voice. Junghee just told the other girl to 'Shut up'?

The other girls taunted Junghee before she stood up completely and repeated her words, forcing a distinct roar-like reply.

Gwiboon wanted to tear up. It was only Eunsook who was able to do that for her, but ever since high school - when insults got worse - she rarely spent time with her during school because was in the Student Council room for ours. After bearing all those insults, after all this time, there was someone like Junghee who could save her from her pain.

After a short moment, the girls stopped and Junghee sat down and looked out the window. She wanted to thank her, but her eyes were away and she felt lonely again.

She checked the attendance board, calling out each name and their offense. When she read Junghee's, their eyes locked.

"Kim Junghee, late for first period and lied about doing errands for Kim Gw- Me." Junghee lowered her head while other students looked at her. Not that she minded any side comments from them, but as she read the other students, she wanted to smack any girl who cracked a joke at Junghee.

She stayed by her desk, and started all the minuscule school work she could do, like provide the list of new school rules that should be implemented, answering her simple math homework, and write the speech she would say during the class assembly tomorrow.

All would expect her to be as studious as this, being a girl from the elite classroom, other girls from her grade envied her smarts. But she wasn't exceptionally smart at all. Her parents spend thousands to millions of wons for her tutors, she had no other choice but to make her parents proud. She didn't like how the classes had to be so cruel to their students - calling her classroom elite, being filled with rich and smart students while "normal" classrooms had middle class girls in them. No one should be judged by their status, they have the right to be known first before their rank.

Gwiboon sighed, she wanted to have classmates like Taeyeon, the bubbly girl who, even though was rich, was still put in a normal classroom with nice classmates. Maybe if she was allowed to be in one of those, she could have met a lot of nice people, like Junghee.

Putting all thoughts away from troubles in school, she searches for Junghee once again, and again, there eyes meet. She smiled sincerely, and the other smiled back. They kept exchanging glances and smiles that eventually they became goofy and playful. Gwiboon was happy once again.


It was time for detention to end and the other girls were more than excited to go home. Everyone quickly left the room, not wanting to stand Gwiboon's presence any longer, all except for one girl with boots and the skin of a vampire.

Silence was there. Both of them just stayed in their place, Gwiboon stationed at the teacher's desk while Junghee at the window seat. They were wondering who would break the silence and talk to the other girl first. Gwiboon still had a ton of questions to ask though... Like who was older? What were her hobbies? Would she stay over at her house one day if they get closer?

Who would break the silence? They didn't know at all.

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miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 7th, 2013 11:26 pm (UTC)
Junghee hoped that she hadn't angered Gwiboon with her outburst... But she had truly only done it, because she hated when people were being judgemental about others without even getting to know them for real. And since she talked to Gwiboon earlier, she knew that the girl was far from what the others thought of her... She was a sweet, kind girl... And most of all, she was a simple human being just like all of them.

She gulped as Gwiboon read aloud the reason for her detention... Looking down at the table, she could feel the stares of the other girls being directed towards her. She didn't really care, but surely it made her feel uncomfortable.

The rest of the detention went by slowly. Junghee didn't really feel
like working on her school stuff, so instead she tried to find some inspiration and started to write some lyric ideas down. She gazed at Gwiboon from time to time, trying to be sneaky about it... Though sometimes she let her gaze linger maybe a bit too long... Taking in the girl's pretty face. When their eyes met at one point, Junghee didn't know what to do! Should she look away and try to make it seem like she hadn't be looking? Though as she saw Gwiboon smile, she did the same in return. Soon, Junghee was in a fit of soundless laughs, as they continued to share looks and silly grins... She hadn't had so much simple fun in a long time...


When the detention finally came to an end, Junghee decided to stay in the classroom with Gwiboon... She really wanted to talk more with her, to get to know her better. Biting down on her lower lip nervously, she stood up and walked closer to the other girl, sitting down in a chair across from the younger. She gave her a bright grin, resting her chin in her hand.

"I'm... I'm sorry about how the other girls treat you Gwiboon-ssi... You don't deserve that," she sighed, shaking her head," People are so quick to judge."

She looked at Gwiboon with a sympathetic look. "I've heard from Taeyeon-ah that you're friends with her sister Eunsook-unnie... It's so weird that I have never seen you at their place before," she chuckled.
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red_prince22red_prince22 on December 13th, 2013 01:39 pm (UTC)
Gwiboon was happy when Eunsook said she could stay over this time, she hasn't been there on Fridays since the dawn of elementary or something like that. When Gwiboon and Junghee left the room, she felt rather warm, all because of the hand that held onto hers.

Smiling back at the elder, she agreed that they really should have done this earlier.

When they approached the front of the school gates, Junghee gave her hand a light squeeze before letting it go. Somehow her hand felt cold. How could someone she met in less than a day make her feel so warm and tingly inside?

"Y-yes... I'll be looking forward to it, Junghee." she responds, eyes turning into downward crescents and a smile that could launch a thousand ships.

And with that Junghee walked on the opposite road while Gwiboon stayed.

She waited approximately 2 minutes before a black porsche parked in front of her.

"Young lady, Gwiboon." the driver said, opening the car door. "How was your day?"

"Oh my gosh, it was tiring." She sighed, acknowledging the fact that only a few servants, one of them their driver, knew her two-faced personality. "But I'm staying over at Eunsook's place tonight for once!"

The driver bows as he closed the door after her.

"Tonight? How peculiar..." he asked as he drove smoothly through the streets. "You haven't really gone anywhere on Friday nights."

"Exactly, but I got a new friend and she's actually Taeyeon's best friend! Small world huh?" she says, removing her school shoes to placed her feet upon the rest of the backseat.

"Small world indeed."

As she got home, she never felt more excited to be in her room on a Friday night - in her room to pack her sleepover clothes.

There was one thing she forgot to ask though... She froze on the spot.

"Gwiboon, dear, why are you packing your things?" her father asks from the doorframe.

"A-aebo-nim..." she muttered. She forgot to ask her own parents for it. "I-I... Forgot to ask permission from you tonight..." she bowed and walked towards her father for a kiss on the cheek.

"What is the meaning of this? My only daughter isn't planning on running away, is she?" he asks, somewhat chuckling.

"O-of course not!" she cleared her throat for speaking a bit louder, "I was just going to sleepover at Eunsook's house... I just forgot to ask you, Aebo-nim."

"Look at you being so respectful at a Friday night." her father patted her shoulder. "Of course you can, but just ask your mother too. We're heading out tomorrow though so you can stay out longer but come home by tomorrow night, okay?"

"Y-yes, Aebo-nim!" she perks up at her father's sudden kindness. But then again, we was always nice. She often thought her personality came from him, such a bubbly man at times but scary when he was strict.

"How many times do I have to praise my own daughter to call me 'Appa'? We're not in public, dear." he smiles at her before walking away.

She smiled as her pleased father left her to pack her things. He might be a well-respected man of his business but he was fun if you got to know him.

After asking her mother for permission - which thankfully ended up with an approval - she quickly got her phone and texted Taeyeon.

Taeyeonnie ;w;
Taeyeonnie~ do you have Junghee's number?

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miss_emiliamiss_emilia on December 15th, 2013 03:55 pm (UTC)
As Junghee made her way towards her house, her heart was still pounding hard against her chest - a reaction that she had after being confronted by Gwiboon's beautiful bright smile. She had never seen anything like it before, and she had to stop herself from not staring too long at the other girl, whose face had been particularly glowing. She grinned to herself, lowering her head, hiding her flushed cheeks with her long hair, from the people passing by

Before going home, she had to get her little sister, Soyoung from school. The girl was going to the last class of primary school and Junghee was always surprised at how mature she was for her young age. She was also a sweetheart, and Junghee wished she could give her anything she wished for. Their life was rather poor, her parents tried to earn money to give them what they needed, but their own sorrows and issues kept them from acting like a caring parent should.

Junghee smiled as she saw her sister waiting in front of the school building. The girl was a bit of a tomboy, with short dark hair and features that could be called handsome. She looked a bit weird wearing the girl's uniform.

"Unnie," Soyoung called out as she ran towards her sister, hugging her around the waist. Junghe patted her back, smiling more brightly.

"Soyoung-ah~ How was school?" she asked as they started walking again, their hands joined.

They continued talking along the way, swinging their hands between them as they shared everything that had happened during the day. Junghee talked about how she made a new friend and how nice Gwiboon was... Soyoung giggled at her big sister's voice that was filled with obvious adoration.

Once they arrived home, Junghee wasn't surprised to see her mother sitting on the couch, staring at the wall in front of her in an apathetic way. Junghee sighed, taking off her shoes and jacket, seeing Soyoung doing the same.

The older walked to her mother, patting her head gently, and running her hand through the woman's hair. "Mom, we're back... Soyoung and me will make something for dinner now, alright?" she explained, her mother looked up at her and Junghee's heart broke at how empty her eyes seemed. She gave the woman a smile before going to the kitchen.

"Soyoung~ Come on, help unnie with the food," she called, before starting to prepare the ingredients. Her good mood was gone again...
red_prince22red_prince22 on December 16th, 2013 10:31 am (UTC)
Gwiboon was finally done with her light packing. While she waited for Taeyeon to text back, she dined with her parents before heading to Eunsook's house around 7.

"So," her mother started. "Anything interesting today? Made any new friends?"

"Actually..." She started. "I.. I became vice president today!" She faked a smile. She couldn't bring up her new friend now because she'd had to say how they met. And meeting through a dirty skirt isn't how she wanted to say it. Maybe when they weren't eating dinner, she'd tell them.

"That's wonderful! I guess Eunsook-ah is your President, huh? You girls are quite the smart pair in school." her parents continued to lavish her with compliments and more praise. She was getting pretty tired of her own achievements. She just wanted to use her time here at home for dancing or drawing.

About 10 minutes later, when the family had long gone finished the bountiful dinner, she checked her phone and saw Taeyeon's message.

From Taeyeonnie ;w;
Oh, sorry for replying late! Of course I have her number~! But she might be busy cooking dinner for her mom so expect a late reply too >o<

unnie's number: XX-XXX-XXX

After reading the message, she replied a short it's okay~! and thank you!

Junghee >w<
I'm on my way to Eunsook's house, how about you Junghee-ah?
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red_prince22red_prince22 on December 30th, 2013 11:36 am (UTC)
Gwiboon looks at the pavement before her as she and Junghee walked and talked under the moon light.

"Of course! I'd love to meet her," she spoke smiling brightly as Junghee. "Since I've gotten along with Taeyeonnie, I'm sure I'd get along with your sister. And I'm sure she's just as pretty as her sister is."

A few minutes of small talk later, they reach the Lee household. It wasn't an exaggeration, but to Gwiboon, their house was like a mini castle. It had round towers at some corners and it had brick textured walls. Eunsook always played 'princess' with her before but apparently Gwiboon got sick of being the princess and often felt like a damsel in distress.

They ring the door bell as they approached the pretty gate.

They were greeted by Taeyeon, the bubbly girl hugged both of them when she opened the gate. She never would've imagine Taeyeon to be friends with Junghee, but then again, she didn't think of that before she became friends with Junghee herself. She could see why now.

They two other girls walk ahead of Gwiboon while she pads upstairs to Eunsook's room.

"Unnie! They're here!" Taeyeon calls out for her sister, voice echoing through the hallways.

On que, Eunsook's door flies open in front of Gwiboon and she is confronted with a very tired Eunsook.

"How was the meeting?" she starts, she closes the door behind her. She placed her bag beside Eunsook's and looked over her desk.

"Well, since both of us still have to attend the practice ceremony for Monday tomorrow, it's better if I told you." Eunsook opens her planner to show Gwiboon.

"They're planning to make the Student Council stay after school until five-thirty PM during mondays and wednesdays now. We even have to go to school on Saturdays starting next week. They said it shouldn't be a hassle since they figured we were both used to it. Don't worry, I mentioned it to the cabi-"

"It's fine," Gwiboon hushed her, "It really is. Besides, we're being responsible, right? It's only right to spend more time in school planning."

"But how about resting, Gwiboon? When was the last time you've slept properly on a school night?"

"It's fine, unnie, really. And look! I came here to relax, have fun! With my best friend, my friends. What more can I ask for, right?"

"Alright, Boonie, but that doesn't mean I won't be taking care of you more often."

With all school matters aside, they hear a quick thump of the door before Taeyeon bursts in while clutching onto Junghee's wrist.