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02 May 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Jongho roleplay.  
It was one of those calm and relaxed Sunday mornings. The sky was a light blue with several white, puffy clouds strewn over it in an artistic chaos. This early the sun was shining faintly. There was a soft, pleasant wind ruffling through the green leaves attached to the trees. The air smelled of summer, heat and sunshine and blossoms.

In front of an apartment complex, on a low brick wall, a boy was sitting crosslegged, leisurely strumming his acoustic guitar, which was comfortably resting in his lap. He had hair that was dyed three different shades of blond, styled in an unruly mess. His face bearing a certain resemblance to a mix between a puppy and a dinosaur - with his big, round eyes and pouty, full lips. He was wearing a rather casual ensemble, comsisting of jeans shorts that reached to a bit before his knees, a wide, light blue t-shirt and black chucks.

Jonghyun, because that was the boy's name, liked to spend his time just sitting outside and working on his music. He was generally a free spirit, with great espirations buried in his young heart. However during the week he didn't have much time to just relax. Working two different jobs and going to school took up most of his time.

Soon he was struck with an idea, a bright smile appeared on his lips and he reached for the still blank paper lying next to him on the brick wall. He wrote down the first few lines to his new song - reading through it a few times and changing it up a bit.

Suddenly his head snapped up from the sheet of lyrics when a moving van  parked in front of the apartment complex. It had been a long time since anyone new moved it, he couldn't help but to feel excitment built up in his body.
choi_minju: formal Minhochoi_minju on May 3rd, 2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
Right beside the moving van, a blue Ford F-150 truck parked in front of the apartment complex. A young man in a clean, crisp yet dark shaded suit hopped out of his vehicle. With the way he was dressed in formal stylish attire, it seemed out of place that he would have a truck that big. The young man's features were of a prince straight out of a comic book. He analyzed the building ahead of him, his eyes wandering over to the boy that was staring at him and the moving men who hopped out of the moving van. The hair color on the boy was very odd to him.

"Choi Minho?" Said man snapped out of his gaze and turned to the moving men. "Which apartment door do we put all these boxes in?" One of the workers asked as the rest of them opened the back ends of the van, carrying tons of boxes.

Minho wrinkled his nose a bit looked around the apartment doors for the number. His eyes fell upon the lucky number 7, which happened to be right next to the tritoned blonde boy.

He wasn't a man of many words when it came to strangers. Having said this as a fact, Minho silently pointed at the Door No. 7. The men nodded and grabbed whatever they could carry towards the door. Minho simply gave one of the workers the key and went to his truck to carry a different kind of luggage that he didn't want the workers to see or carry.

Edited at 2013-05-03 04:27 pm (UTC)
miss_emilia: jongmiss_emilia on May 5th, 2013 09:30 pm (UTC)
Jonghyun watched with curious eyes as the tall, young man gave his instructions to the workers and then turned around to search for something in his car. He hadn't known that there was anyone meant to move into the apartment building. And well, this guy looked like he should be living in some kind of luxury loft and not here.

The boy got up from where he was sitting on the brick wall swiftly. He shouldered his guitar and squeezed the notebook into the back pocket of his jeans. Jong had never shied away from strangers, he enjoyed making new acquaintances and talking to different people. He was an open-minded boy, which oftentimes could be translated into overt naivity and a somewhat childish behaviour.

This carelessness caused him to leisurely make his way over to his new neughbour. When he stood infront the young man, he realised that their difference in height was pretty striking. He pouted inwardly as he rested his hand on his forehead using it as a shield against the penetrating sunshine, so that he could see the stranger clearly.

"Hey! My name's Jonghyun. I live in the apartment building that you're moving in to. It's nice to meet you," he said, smiling brightly, and waving his hand in way of greeting," Maybe I could help you with carrying any boxes or bags?"
choi_minju: Minhochoi_minju on May 6th, 2013 07:51 pm (UTC)
Minho raised an eyebrow at the small boy standing in front of him. He saw the defining muscles underneath the boy's shirt, but nonetheless the boy was small. He was about to turn away from the boy coldly, as usual towards other acquaintances, but then he saw the boy's eyes. It reminded him of a puppy he used to have as a child, or what was left of his short childhood memory.

He mentally snapped out of it and surprisingly caved in, gesturing towards the door of the truck. "Choi Minho. You could take the duffel bag on the passenger seat, as long as you don't break or peek in what's inside it." He instructed in a deep voice. His voice was slightly hoarse and he realized this boy was the first person he talked to for the past few days.

He walked into his new apartment, gesturing for the boy to follow and carry the rest of his stuff, which was just the duffel bag.
miss_emilia: jong3miss_emilia on May 7th, 2013 10:57 am (UTC)
Jonghyun was surprised at the sound of the young man’s voice – it was rough and raspy, like he hadn’t talked in days. Strangely enough, it sent a shiver down Jong’s spine, which he couldn’t quite identify, so he just ignored that brief sensation.

Still smiling softly, Jonghyun took hold of the duffel bag, which his new neighbour had indicated. It was more heavy than he thought it would be, but nonetheless he shouldered the strap, and followed Minho towards the building. He nearly had to run to keep up with Minho’s long strides, but soon they arrived at the elder’s apartment door.

Once they entered the flat, Jonghyun gazed around curiously, soon realising that the apartment was way bigger than his little hellhole. The living room was huge, and from what he could observe there seemed to be two other rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. There even was a balcony. He walked over to the glass door of the balcony, looking outside at the beautiful view of the city that could be seen through it.

"Wow, this sure is much bigger than mine. I didn’t even know they had apartments like this. You’re damn lucky,” he muttered, with a sigh, still staring out off the window.

Then he remember that he was still carrying the duffel bag, so he turned around to focus his gaze on Minho.

“Where should I put your bag,” he asked, feeling the bag resting heavily on his shoulder, making him tilt to the left slightly, but he rightened himself quickly.
choi_minju: fashionista Minhochoi_minju on May 10th, 2013 04:56 am (UTC)
Minho was focused on putting his stuff down and watching the movers put the rest of his belongings in the indicated rooms that each box was labeled for. Once they were done, he quickly tipped them more than he had paid them, which astonished the movers and left with happy thoughts.

The young man shook his head and decided to unpack until he heard shuffling movements and a murmur. Out of curiosity, he searched for the noise until he saw the little boy, Jonghyun, by the window. As soon as he saw Jonghyun turn around, his breath hitched. The boy looked like a prehistoric angel, in Minho's opinion, when his back was towards the sunlight that streamed down during the early morning summer.

He heard Jonghyun speak to him and he quickly snapped out of it. "Um..." He noticed the boy's movements and the corners of his lips curled up slightly in amusement. It was cute.

"You can just leave the duffel bag in this room. I'll make this the bedroom." He simply stated and nodded towards Jonghyun, turning back to the living room to unpack. He didn't realize that he implied that there would be personal items inside the duffel bag as he called out, "It would be really nice if you could quickly help me unpack that bag as well, thank you!", his voice being more deep and clear now.
miss_emilia: jong6miss_emilia on May 10th, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
Jonghyun blinked slightly, when he noticed Minho’s soft smile, it was strangely mesmerizing. However, it was gone as quickly as it had appeared. It made him feel a bit saddened - that smile had fit him pretty well, in his opinion.

He nodded his head mutely, in reply to Minho’s order, watching the older boy disappear back to the supposed living room. Jonghyun sighed heavily, somehow he couldn’t shake the sensation as if his recurring naive streak was going to bring him into a load of trouble once again.

Finally putting the duffel bag down beside the window, he stretched his arms above his head. He gazed down at the bag again, suddenly quite curious about its contents, as Minho seemed to be making such a fuss about noone seeing what was inside. He was already reaching out for the fastener to yank it open, when he was startled by the elder’s voice calling to him from the other room. His heart was beating rapidly, as if he was caught redhanded in some kind of illegal act.

Jonghyun took a deep breath, before making his way out of the bedroom. If it was any other situation he would have probably told the young man that he didn’t appreciate being used as a cost-free worker. However, well, this wasn’t an usual situation, and he had kind of offered to help, and honestly he also somehow wanted to stay here for a bit more. There was something about Minho that caused him to want to get to know him more.

Once in the living room, he took off his guitar, which was still strapped around his shoulder and leant it carefully against the wall. Then he walked over to one of the suitcases, feeling suddenly slightly awkward.

He scratched the back of his neck, smiling sheepishly.

“So uhm... what should I help you with,” he asked, not knowing what to do.
choi_minju: pastachoi_minju on May 11th, 2013 08:01 am (UTC)
With experience, Minho had already unpacked half the stuff in the living room so swiftly. He turned around with a raised eyebrow as he heard Jonghyun ask out of pure curiosity of what he should be doing. Didn't he already give him instruction?

Minho turned his body fully to face the short boy. "Didn't I say earlier that it would be nice if you could unpack the bag in the bedroom? You know, the duffel bag you were carrying? I'll take care of the rest here."

For some reason, even though there were fragile items in the duffel bag, Minho decided to trust a young stranger. That was breaking one of his rules that he made for himself. He shook his head and continued to unpack.
miss_emilia: jong4miss_emilia on May 11th, 2013 12:20 pm (UTC)
Jonghyun couldn’t stop the faint embarrassed blush from spreading across his cheeks. He had never been the fastest thinker, many people tell him that he was rather oblivious of a lot of things that are happening around him.

So he wasn’t that surprised when he realised that he had misunderstood Minho’s instructions. And honestly in his defense he really hadn’t expected the older boy to let him touch the obviously precious objects that were packed inside of the heavy duffel bag.

“Ah, alright, I will do that... Sorry, for misunderstanding,” he said, bowing slightly, before turning around and walking back into the bedroom.

With a sigh, he knelt down in front of the bag and feeling slightly apprehensive, but still filled with curiosity, he finally reached out and carefully yanked the zipper down.

He was rather shocked at what he found lying inside, he hadn’t been expecting anything like this to be hidden in the bag.

Pulling out one of the items, he turned it around in his hands, letting his fingers run gently over the smooth surface. It seemed to be some sort of plate, obviously glided, but the colour had dusted off in some places. One side was broken off and the foreign letters, which were engraved into it also weren’t fully visible anymore.

Why did Minho keep things like that? It looked like something that should be held in a museum.

Finally, he deposited the plate on the floor next to the bag, not quite sure what else he should do with the items. Curiously, he retrieved another object from the duffel bag – this time ending up with a vase, similar in colour and style as the plate.

Jong held it closer to his eyes, letting his gaze roam over the engraved letters. However, of course he couldn’t decipher anything from it. The only language that he could speak fluently was Korean. Well, and a little bit of English, but to be honest, he had never really paid any sort of attention in his English classes or in school in general.
choi_minju: fashionista Minhochoi_minju on May 11th, 2013 08:12 pm (UTC)
Minho suddenly felt bad to have talked to the boy that way and after unloading everything from the boxes, he walked back into the place he'll call a bedroom and watched silently as Jonghyun went through the duffel bag. He smiled softly and carefully sat beside him on the ground, so that he wouldn't startle him and cause him to drop the artifact, and pointed at the inscriptions.

"See this? It's written in Aka-Bo, which is a lost language amongst the Bo people in the Andaman Islands of India," Minho explained in a soft tone. He was always a bit excited when it came to explaining history. "The last person to know of this language died in 2010, so it's very rare."

He picked up another item from the duffel bag and smiled, holding a blue and white porcelain vase. "This one's from China. Everything else in this bag is used for good luck, so I put them all in this bag for my bedroom." He glanced at Jonghyun's facial features and blinked slowly, reaching out to trace the boy's jaw.

"This is exquisite....you have a rare jawline of a prehistoric dinosaur...." Minho tilted the boy's head towards the light and peered closer. "....and soft eyes like a young canine.....but yet you're human, like me. Does your family have distinctive features like yours?"
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miss_emiliamiss_emilia on August 1st, 2013 03:54 pm (UTC)
Jonghyun ducked his head slightly, as he felt Minho ruffle through his hair. He narrowed his eyes at the other boy, as the gesture made him feel like a little boy. And well, he was already a mature man, right? Well maybe not really, but he wasn't a kid either.

He puffed out his cheeks, fixing his now tousled hair and started to eat. The food tasted really good. He honestly hoped that Minho would invite him to eat at his place for many times in the future. He didn't know how he would be able to live from instant ramen after having tasted such yummy home made food.


After the final bell rang at his school, indicating the end of another school day, Jonghyun made his way towards the museum. He was feeling rather nervous... No, scratch that - he was feeling VERY nervous! His hands were sweating and his stomach was making uncomfortable twists, causing him to groan out in annoyance.

Why exactly had he agreed to this? He didn't really know, but he felt a strange sensation like taking the volunteer job that Minho was offering, had some important significance to his life and his future. It was weird, but he was experiencing this and he couldn't just ignore it.

Jonghuyn took a deep breath as he walked inside the museum, feeling the cool air of the air conditioning hit his sun heated skin. He felt his heart beating quickly as he gazed around the place he had just entered. It looked huge, and most of the artifacts had him feeling intimdated with their majestic vibe. He gulped, not really knowing where he should walk to, for minute he contemplated to just leave, but then he wouldn't be able to show his face to MInho ever again.

He made his way to the information desk, the man sitting behind it gazed up at him with a slightly annoyed look in his eyes.

"H-Hello, I'm Kim Jonghyun. I was meant to start my work as a volunteer at the museum today," he finally said, trying to hold eye contact with the other man, but then he let his gaze fall to the floor involuntary.

"Ah, it's you! Right, Minho-ssi told us about you! Come on, I will show you the museum and some of the work that you will have to do."

Jonghyun looked up at the man's words, giving him a soft smile, but the other just gave him a frown in return. Well, this guy didn't seem to be nice at all. Jong sighed, hoping that they would still get along well enough.
choi_minju: serious Minhochoi_minju on August 3rd, 2013 05:09 am (UTC)
Minho hopped into his truck and swiftly changed his clothes from a professor outfit to an archaeologist outfit. No one recognized him as he drove the truck over to the nearby museum, where he hoped Jonghyun would be at. He smiled at the thought of seeing Jonghyun again and clutched his homemade lunch.

"Let's hope the kid likes red lentil curry with basmati rice..." He muttered under his breath as he patted the bento lunch on the seat beside him while driving. To be honest, Minho quickly grew a soft spot for the young student since he met him. He had the sudden urge to make a huge meal for him to share with only his neighbor.

When he arrived at the museum, he parked at the front and grabbed his backpack. He placed the lunch inside the backpack before wearing it and climbing out of the truck. Minho walked into the museum and showed his badge to the security at the front desk by the entrance of the museum. He looked around for Jonghyun while checking his watch.

By now, Jonghyun-sshi should have worked for about an hour. I wonder where he is.... Minho thought to himself as he wandered in the museum.
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on August 4th, 2013 09:36 pm (UTC)
Jonghyun didn't quite like this man, Mr. Jung, who was in charge of showing him around the museum. Bis face was marred into a constant frown and he seemed to think that Jong was some sort of incapable kid that would only manage to bring chaos at the museum.

The boy sighed heavily, feeling out off place. Maybe he didn't belong here at all. However, gazing around he liked the things that he was seeing here, a weird prickling feeling starting in his stomach - told him that he was excited.

Nodding his head and humming in understanding at the man's explaining words. Apparantly he would be working at the archieve at first. He could read through the files to get to know the exhibits that were placed around the museum.

Even if Jonghyun would have rather done something more hands on, he still was eager to learn something new about these expositions and their origins and meanings.

So that's what he did when Mr. Jung left him in the archieve with a grim look on his face. Jonghyun read through folders, trying to memorize as much as he could.
choi_minju: formal Minhochoi_minju on August 17th, 2013 03:38 am (UTC)
Minho spotted Mr. Jung walking out of the archives room and tilted his head in confusion. Funny, Jonghyun was supposed to do the hands-on equipment and learn them. Why would Mr. Jung lead him in there? He thought and assumed Jonghyun was left in the archive room, since Mr. Jung was walking out alone. Minho silently walked over to him but hid quickly behind a 7ft Roman column once he saw a man dressed in a shady trenchcoat walk towards Mr. Jung.

No one's supposed to be here today, the museum is supposed to be closed to the public except for staff. That man does not have a tag and the only new help they hired was Jonghyun. Minho frowned as he pressed a button on the left tip of his professor glasses, lighting up the top edges of the lenses.

"Johnny," he whispered softly to the glasses he was wearing. "Johnny, suspecta actio ad museum posuisti me adipiscing. Audire ad colloquium. Invenio etiam proximum. Sicut nec catulus ille qui spectat."

On the other end of the technological call, Taemin yawned and grumbled, sitting up from his dorm bed and presses a button on the wall, pulling out a flexible laptop with three screens. He clicked a few things and listened in. "Dammit, Choi, you're lucky I studied Latin last year..." he grumbled to himself as he checked the security cameras.
miss_emiliamiss_emilia on August 19th, 2013 08:42 pm (UTC)
Jonghyun felt suddenly bored. And well a bit scared - sitting here all alone in this big room, it was also a bit dark, it made a shiver go down his spine. He could have sworn a pair of eyes was staring at him from behind, but as he looked back there was noone there. Well, of course there wasn't.

He didn't want to sit here. Suddenly he stood up, feeling like his throat was blocked and he found it difficult to breathe. Quickly, without even thinking too much about it, he made his way out of the room. He wanted to explore the museum, so that's what he planned on doing now.

The museum turned out to be freaking huge, he was afraid to get lost in its vastness. Jonghyun studied all the displays with great interest, reading the badges with the information on the expositions carefully.

When he exited one of the rooms, he suddenly noticed Minho standing at one of the columns. He was surprised to see the older male there, a bright smile stretched over his lips. He didn't even notice the man's strange behaviour or how he seemed to be hiding behind that column.

Jonghyun quickened his steps and when he was standing behind Minho, he wrapped his arms around the man's waist. Embarrassed at what he just did, he let go quickly, blushing a bit.

"Minho-hyung! What are you doing here?" He asked, his voice slightly shaky.
choi_minju: formal Minhochoi_minju on September 5th, 2013 07:06 am (UTC)
While Jonghyun managed to sneak away from the archive room, Minho had been too busy reading the subtitles from his sunglasses vision as Taemin translated the conversation for him quickly.

"Okay, did the research, Taejoon." Since there may be a chance that someone would listen to their conversations in any way, Taemin had the code name Johnny while Minho's was Taejoon. "The shady creepy man is a hunter for the unexplained theories of the Earth who goes by the name Jean Jacques. Your Mr. Jung, the curator, happens to be an extreme collector for rare items and people." The young college geek explained while looking through his files, now wide awake at the information. "Damn, Taejoon. Why do you attract uglies?"

Minho snorted at that and rolled his eyes, unaware of whoever was behind him. "Maybe it's my good looks?" He joked slightly.

"Whatever, Taejoon. Just be careful of them and - "

Taemin was cut off by Minho's light gasp, which luckily wasn't heard by the conversation from afar. He felt the arms that were suddenly wrapped around his waist leave, so he turned around to get a grip of his assailant. He froze when he realized it was Jonghyun, his young neighbor. When he heard the shorter man's voice shaking slightly, he looked at him with concern, unknown of Taemin's spying through the lenses he was still wearing.

"I told you I was gonna come to check up on you - are you alright? I thought you were somewhere in the archive room. You found the back door already? Not many people figure out there's a back door there, not even Mr. Jung." Without thinking and was on full caring mode, Minho reached out and stroked Jonghyun's head slightly.